Vertical Analysis Of Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Data For Alvarez Company On Dec

I need help with this vertical analysis question

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Vertical Analysis of Balance SheetBalance sheet data for Alvarez Company on December 31, the end of two recent fiscal years, follows:Current YearPrevious YearCurrent assets$315,520$180,960Property, plant, and equipment519,680494, 160Intangible assets92,80020,880Current liabilities176,32083,520Long-term liabilities389,760320,160Common stock111,360111,360Retained earnings250,560180,960Prepare a comparative balance sheet for both years, stating each asset as a percent of total assets and each liability and stockholders’ equity item as a percent ofthe total liabilities and stockholders’ equity. If required, round percentages to one decimal place.Alvaraz CompanyComparative Balance SheetFor the Years Ended December 31CurrentCurrentPreviousPreviousyearyearyearyearAmountPercentAmountPercentCurrent assets$315,520%$180,960%Property, plant, and equipment519,680%494,160Intangible assets92,80020,880Total assets$928,000$696,000

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