Using This Link Https Ucr Gov Crime In The U S 2016 Crime In The U 2016 Tables

Using this link: I am trying to perform a one sample t-test. I have used the following as my outline for performing the t-test which I created myself:

a)     Target population:

All reported homicides by rifles in the United States

b)     Research variable:  

Total Homicide by Rifle

c)     Research question:

Is the average reported Homicide by rifle’s in the US more than 300 per year?

d)     Expected result:

I predict the average reported yearly homicide by rifles in the US will be more than 300 per year.  According to, “Fewer than 2% of criminals that commit violent crimes used assault weapons”.

I am being told:

“300 is not an average, an average means all items are added/summed and divided by the total/n.

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