Using A Web Search Engine Find A Site Opposing Gun Control Such As The National

Using a Web search engine, find a site opposing gun control (such as the National Rifle Association or Women Against Gun Control) and a site supporting gun control (such as GunVictims Action Council or the Brady Campaign). Peruse each of your chosen sites. Then write out your answers to the following questions:

What is the angle of vision and degree of advocacy of each of the sites? How does the selection of images, links to articles, and use of “facts” and “fact sheets” indicate an angle of vision?

Look for images of women on each of your sites. How do they construct women differently and imply differences in women’s concerns about guns?

What range of underlying values does each of the sites appeal to? How do words and images create viewer awareness of these underlying values?

How does each of the sites use logos, ethos, and pathos to sway readers toward its point of view?

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