Use Your Imagination And Creativity To Generate One Hands On Lab For Each One Of

Use your imagination and creativity to generate ONE hands-on lab for each one of the seven done in class. Each hands-on lab was composed of several items. Hands-on 1 for chapter 2 had 6 items. Select only one to create your own. The same for the other hands-on labs. This is what you have to deliver:a.Seven hands-on labs. b.Each one must have a description of the hands-on objective c.Each one must have an explanation about how to complete the hands-on. A step-by-step procedure must be provided. d.Required files needed to complete each hands-on must be providede.Name the files according to the hands-on they correspond. For example: Hands-on1lab; Hands-on1-filesThe book used is Guide to Cmputer forensics and investigations by Bill Nelson

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