Use The References To Access Important Values If Needed For This Question The Fo

The following information is given for water at 1 atm:


Use the References to access important values if needed for this question. The following information is given for water at 1 atm: T1, = 100.00°C AHWP(100.00°C) = 2.259 x 103 MgTJun = 0.00°C AHfim(0.00°C) = 333.5 J/g Specific heat gas = 2.010 J/g °C Specific heat liquid = 4.184 1/ g °C A 35.10 g sample of liquid water is initially at 28.20°C. If the sample is heated at constant pressure (P = 1 atm),k] of energy are needed to raise the temperature of the sample to 114.10°C.

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