Use A Random Number Generator Such As The One At Random Org Linkedhere To Genera

Use a random number generator, such as the one at, linked here, to generate a list of ten two-digit random numbers.

  1. List the numbers here, separated by commas.
  2. Calculate the 5-number summary of the numbers and show it here.
  3. Identify any outliers in the data set and list them here. Explain why they qualify as outliers or, if none, explain the reasoning for concluding there are no outliers.
  4. Working offline, use a grouped frequency table for the data with five classes. What is the frequency associated with the middle class?
  5. use a stem and leaf plot for the data. On each line of the plot, type the number for the stem, then a vertical bar | or slash /, and then the leaf values associated with that stem value, if any. Be sure to include the key.
  6. Describe the shape of the distribution in terms of any skewness you observe and explain why the distribution does or does not qualify as skewed.

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