Urgent Please Answer Asap Adele Creates A Least Squares Regression In The Form Y

URGENT, PLEASE ANSWER ASAPAdele creates a least squares regression in the form y=mx+b from a set of 497 data points. the sum of the x values is 2218.5sum of the y values is 2749.3sum of the x squared values is 12835.6sum of the y squared values is 18143.4sum of the products x×y is 9345Sia decides to create a different linear model, following the same dependent and independent variables as Adele. This linear model will be based on two points only: the maximum and minimum of the three new data points. These new data points are (2,12), (4,3), (9,5). When x= 5, Sia predicts the value of y to be -1.5.Adele incorporates 3 additional data points into the data and creates a new least squares regression line. Adele predicts the value of y to be 5.0083 when x=5. What are the three new data points?

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