Unit 8 Home Lab Form Is Rust Magnetic Questions Did You Find The Rust To Be Magn (1)

Unit 8 Home Lab Form

Is Rust Magnetic?


Did you find the rust to be magnetic?

After you heated the rust, was the resulting iron oxide magnetic?

Why were bleach and vinegar added to the water containing the washers?

What does it mean to decant a mixture?


Crystal Growing Lab


Describe what happens as a crystal of salt dissolves in water.

What did you see occurring in the jar during the two-week period?

Why was the jar kept absolutely undisturbed?

What was the appearance of the salt crystals?


The Behavior of Copper and Zinc with Acid


In addition to zinc, magnesium and aluminum react similarly with acetic acid. Write balanced equations showing these two reactions.

What would happen if a newly minted penny were used in this experiment, but without its edges being filed?

 What would happen if you used a penny minted in 1980?


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