Unit 2 Discussion Predicting Illegal Drug Involvement 18 18 Unread Replies 20 20

Unit 2 Discussion: Predicting Illegal Drug Involvement

18 18 unread replies. 20 20 replies.

Please discuss the following questions in your initial post:

  • Which of the following three factors is most predictive of illegal drug involvement: biological, psychological, or sociological? Why?
  • Does one or more of these factors predict criminal activity? If so, explain which ones and explain why. If you believe these factors do not predict criminal activity, explain why in a well-reasoned argument.

Your initial post should be approximately two to three paragraphs to support your positions. Use the Internet or the ECPI Online Library to research at least one additional source, in addition to your textbook to support your positions. Please be sure to cite your source(s) and list the URL(s) as applicable. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

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