Unit 1 Discussion Board Marketing Management For This Discussion Explore The El


For this discussion , explore the electric and the hybrid car industry.Because more emphasis is being placed on sustainable and green technologies for cleaner air and lower gas emission, customers becoming more interested in alternative-fuel cars such as hybird, solar, and electric choice. In addition, as gasoline price continue to rise for all-fuel

automobiles, customer are often looking for more fuel-efficient option to lower their personal expenditure and more. A few sites show these growing market include the following

Electric Vehicles Market

Hybird Cars Market

After researching the electric or hybird market ,selected a car model that offer the customer a more fuel-efficient choice.Then, discuss the following:

  1. Identify the product’s competition .What is 1 new trend on the horizon that the company need to consider when offering these model to customer in the future?
  2. Discuss how your selected model is poised to complete in today’s marketplace.
  3. What type of customer would be interested in your product? Note the demographics such as the age of the customer, lifestyle, or psychographics. For example, a customer who is a saleperson and travels 200 miles per day might be very interested in this type of car.

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