Two Uncharged Conducting Spheres A And B Are Held At Rest On Insulating Stands A


Two uncharged conducting spheres, A and B, are held at rest on insulating stands and are in contact, with A on the left and B on the right. A positively charged rod is brought near to the left side of sphere A. While the rod is held in this position, sphere B is moved far to the right. How will the spheres be charged, if at all?

  1. Both A and B are positive
  2. A is negative, B is positive
  3. B is negative, A is positive
  4. Both A and B are negative
  5. Neither is charged


Three charges are positioned on a coordinate system.  Charge 1 (+11μC) is at the origin. Charge 2 (+13μC) is at x = 0.1m and y = 0. Charge 3 (+15μC) is at x = 0.1m and y = 0.075 m. What are the horizontal and vertical components of the net electric force acting on Charge 3?

  1. Fx = 73 N/and Fy = 400 N
  2. Fx = 112 N and Fy = 187 N
  3. Fx = 14 N and Fy = 98 N
  4. Fx = 473 N and Fy = 53 N
  5. Fx = 76 N and Fy = 370 N

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