Tonya Jefferson A Sole Proprietor Runs A Successful Lobbying Business In Washing

Tonya Jefferson, a sole proprietor, runs a successful lobbying business in Washington, D.C. She doesn’t sell many business assets, but she is planning on retiring and selling her historic townhouse, from which she runs her business, in order to buy a place somewhere sunny and warm. Tonya’s townhouse is worth $1,000,000 and the land is worth another $1,000,000. The original basis in the townhouse was $600,000, and she has claimed $250,000 of depreciation deductions against the asset over the years. The original basis in the land was $500,000. Tonya has located a buyer that would like to finalize the transaction in December of the current year. Tonya’s marginal ordinary income tax rate is 35 percent.

b. In addition to the original facts, assume that Tonya reports the following nonrecaptured net §1231 loss:

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