This Week You Will Choose A Native American Story Or Myth Review The Myths In Th

This week, you will choose a Native American story or myth. Review the myths in the learning resources and then choose one story, that is, a myth from a particular tribe or nation.

First, using the material in the learning resources, describe at least two, but no more than four, particular Native American myths using ten adjectives in a sentence, e.g. “Based on the following myths, the Navajo’s mythic identity is ….” It might be simpler to write out ten sentences with a adjective for each.

Next, cite your myths using MLA format, but put them in a Works Cited list at the end of your post. No need to clutter up the sentence.

After you have posted on your myth, compare your tribe or nation’s identity with those of your peers.

Does the identity description hold up given the sources they cited?

Can you think of any other adjectives that might apply to their nation’s identity based on the myths they used?

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