This Question Requires You To Use Financial Statement Information In Bombardier


This question requires you to use financial statement information in Bombardier’s 2017 Financial Reportwhich can be downloaded from :hitoshiinDardickfinancial – reportsThe Consolidated Financial Statements for the Fiscal Years ended December 31 , 2017 and 2016 areexported on pages 138 – 147Other InformationFinancing Expense – Interest ExpenseShares Outstanding 2017 , 2016 2 194 millionMarket Price Range2016High$3.2452 28LOWS19650 72Required2026CommentStrong Weak Improve DeteriorateROAROE20102016BookValue perShareMarketValue perUse average share priceShare3 ) Amount of Bombardier Preferred Shares outstanding ? soDid they pay a preferred dividend in 2017 2016 ? Amoun5 ) Retained earnings change 2016 – 2017Major reason for change

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