This Medication May Cause Adverse Gi Reactions If The Dosage Is Increased Too Qu

This medication may cause adverse GI reactions if the dosage is increased too quickly: Insulin




3. The ABCs of diabetic care refer to _____.

“Always Believe You Can.”

A1C, Blood sugar, Carbohydrates

A1C, Blood pressure control, Cholesterol control

A1C, Blood sugar, Cholesterol control

4. Mrs. Johnson, your 77-year-old with diabetes, has fallen. You note that she has increased confusion, irritability, and cool, clammy skin. Which of the following should you suspect?



Heart failure


5. Lantus insulin is different from other insulins because it does which of the following?

Treats an acute episode of hyperglycemia

Never peaks after onset

Comes in an inhaled form

Causes increased incidents of hypoglycemia

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