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Answer each of the following sets of questions in one paragraph each. Paragraphs should be at least eight sentences each. Be sure to have read all the course material listed above this post before attempting to answer these questions:

1.) In the dialogue “Apology,” identify two different main premises Socrates uses to show why he is innocent of impiety. Does each premise seem true? Does each premise seem relevant to his innocence of this charge? Explain your reasoning and use new examples to help you support your point.

2.) Identify Socrates’s use of pathos in “Apology.” Look for any emotional appeals, any uses of metaphors or analogies, and some of his specific word choice. Overall, based on your findings, is Socrates’s use of pathos effective overall or not? Provide reasons.

3.) Identify Socrates’s use of ethos in “Apology.” Look for any references he makes to his own credibility, character, experience, or expertise, and look what tone or attitude he seems to convey towards his audience. Overall, based on your findings, is Socrates’s use of ethos effective or not? Provide reasons.

Your post is worth up to 20 points total. Points will be assigned based on your detail, clarity, and support.

There are some reading you will need in attach files!

make sure you read them. than you

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