This Is How Wefind Ve Locitie Of Stars E S Tc Ctrumis Shifte D Entirespe Lativer

This is how wefind ve locitie of stars, e s tc. Ctrumis shifte d Entirespe lativeradial ve locity counts. If you move toward a source, can you measure your own velocity? You haveonly “se n” the e Dopple e ct in sound! Thespe d of thewave DOESNOT C e s HANGE. Suppose we observe the light from a galaxy that is moving toward us. Is the spectrum redshifted or blueshifted? Is a red star moving toward or away from you? Why are spectral lines used to measure a star”s Doppler shift, instead of a blackbody curve? Which wavelengths of light get through Earth”s atmosphere? Moredistant stars aredim e m r! I Star A and star B have the same luminosity. If we see how bright it seems, what can we figure out? How much dimmer is something that is 4 times as far away?

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