This Is An Electrical Engineering Question Using Matlab Ilab 1 Lab Module 1 Ma

This is an Electrical Engineering question, using MATLAB. Please help with code, pictures, and graphs.

iLab – #1

Lab Module #1: Magnetic Core Flux  

Objective: Given a transformer core and an input current, write a program in Matlab to calculate the flux densities and use the Matlab SimPowerSystems graph related transformer characteristic curves.

Description: In this lab, a simple C I transformer core with an ac source is connected, and the transformer flux is calculated using Matlab. Transformer elements are introduced and examined in SimPowerSystems.

Background: This lab strengthens the transformer magnetic property concepts taught in Chapter 1 of the text. It also serves to heighten Matlab coding ability, and it introduces Simulink and SimPowerSystems, along with their magnetic elements.

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