This Is A Research Project Related To Research Of The Professional Of Conduct Of (1)

This is a research project related to research of the Professional of Conduct of:-American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA)-Statement of Standards for Tax Services (SSTS) (effective January 2010)-United States Department of Treasury / IRS Circular 230 (effective June 2014) – I provide a summary in slide form but you should access the full text before answering.-California Board of Accountancy, Code of Conduct (under California Code of Regulations, Title 16) and the-PCAOB rules of Professional Conduct, as a result of Sarbanes Oxley ActScenario FivePricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) announced on October 28 a strategic business alliance (“joint business arrangement”) with Google to deliver “new and innovative business solutions to companies around the world, leveraging PwC’s unique business insights and using Google tools” (roughly paraphrased). They further announced that they themselves had implemented various new business applications in their own professional service activities and had trained their professionals in the use of the new tools. Access the announcement on the internet – When you mention a potential adverse outcomes, be specific as to the cause and potential impact. Which of the potential adverse outcomes for PwC might be the less understood by the investing public?Scenario Six If you are providing tax services to a client, can you:

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