This Homework Is Designed To Get You To Question How Parts Are Made And Why The

This homework is designed to get you to question how parts are made and why the materials that are used were chosen. Select a product from anywhere of interest to you and write a brief evaluation that addresses the following questions.

1-What is the normal use of the product? What are the normal operating conditions? What would be some of the extreme operating conditions in terms of temperature, loading, impact, corrosion, etc.?

2-What are the major properties or characteristics that the material must possess in order to function properly given the above operating conditions?

3-What material (materials) would you suggest for use for the product and why?

4-How would you propose to fabricate the product? Try to think efficiently here.

5-Would heat treatment be required? What kind of process?

6-Would surface treatment or coating be required? What kind of process?

*please type the answers as neatly as you can, and also you have to put some thought into the manufacturing operations that you would specify to make the part/object.

*make the best selections that you can and provide some form of justification for your decisions.  

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