This Case Study Evaluated The Relationship Between Coaching And Teacher Efficacy

This case study evaluated the relationship between coaching and teacher efficacy and the impact of these constructs on mathematics student achievement at a charter school in the southern United States. The study was based on the theory of instructional coaching as a model for teachers’ professional development. A ______ was used to analyze district quarterly mathematics data from the Northwest Education Association Measure of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) during the implementation of coached strategies. The analysis indicated a significant increase in mathematics achievement from 3rd to 4th quarter for 400 students in grades five through eight, t(399) = -4.011, p = 0.028.

1.    What kind of study design is this (experimental or correlational)?

2.    If experimental, what is the independent variable?

3.    If experimental, what is the dependent variable?

4.    What kind of statistical test did the author run, and how do you know the used this test?

5. What do you think the null and alternative hypotheses are in this study? 

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