Think Of A Creative Or Descriptive Name For This Time Period For Example You Mig

Think of a creative or descriptive name for this time period. For example, you might call the period before the development of agriculture “Life Before Farming” or “Hunting to Survive.”┬áMake this name the title of your journal entry.Write a journal entry that is at least three paragraphs long. Each paragraph should be at least four sentences long. Make sure to also use the terms listed above at least once in your writing. Your journal entry should address each of the following:Summarize the major turning points or “game changers” of this period; what were the biggest changes in how people lived, what they were able to do, or what they valued and believed?Identify the major regions of the world in which these changes occurred.Predict the major impact of these changes on human history. What effects might we see in the eras that followed this time period? What impact can we still see or feel today?

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