These Items Are Taken From The Financial Statements Of Carla Vista Lid At Decemb

Hi, please help me solving this question, what is the formula?

These items are taken from the financial statements of Carla Vista Lid , at December 31 , 2018Accounts payable$19 050 Interest expense5.500Accounts receivable19 780 Interest payable2. 200Accumulated depreciation – buildings54, 600 Land188 670Accumulated depreciation – equipment 23 470 Long-term investments32.970Service revenue182 040 Mortgage payable107.000Buildings136, 800 Operating expenses162 . 680Cash27 040 Prepaid insurance1200Common shares144 090 Retained earnings , January 1 119 520Equipment68 100 Supplies1540income tax expense6,TOO( 2 )Calculate net income and the ending balance of retained earnings at December 31 , 2018Net incomeRetained Earnings

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