These Dimensions Are Not Of Particular Importance To An Operations Manager A Vis (1)

These dimensions are NOT of particular importance to an Operations Manager

A.Vision, mission, strategy, and means

B.Time-on-task, cost-to-deliver, and quality

C.Ability to adapt old things to new tasks and create new things to do old tasks

D.Suitability to purpose, modularity, and reliability

This solution is meaningful but not feasible when trying to minimize your delivery truck fleet fuel consumption with the equation

Fleet Fuel Cost = Number of Trucks * Miles Traveled * Fuel Cost Per Gallon / MPG Per Truck ?

A.Order your drivers to double their MPG per trip over their historical averages for the same trip and load

B.Instruct all drivers to check, adjust, and log tire pressure before the beginning of every trip

C.Park all your trucks and make no deliveries

D.Implement a company policy that consolidates routes and trips in a way that keeps your drivers from making deliveries unless their trucks are at least 3/4 full

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