Project management – individual assignment

Individual Assignment (suggested level of effort: 3 hours)

Continuing with the Suburban Homes Construction Project case study found at the end of chapter 6 (and reviewing previous chapters 1 through 5), CPM 4e, complete the following individual assignment:  Case Attached

(20 points) Stakeholder identification and prioritization matrix (Exhibit 6-2)

An ID and prioritization matrix includes at least 5 relevant stakeholders and rates them for power, interest, etc.

(20 points) Stakeholder Matrix (Exhibit 6-4)

A stakeholder matrix includes at least 5 relevant stakeholders and explains their potential interests and necessary support/mitigation strategies

(20 points) Stakeholder Engagement Matrix (Exhibit 6-5)
A matrix includes at least 5 relevant stakeholders with all matrix aspects fully completed and a engagement strategy that makes sense for the type of stakeholder

(20 points) Communication Matrix (Exhibit 6-9)
A matrix including at least 5 relevant stakeholders with communication needs and other information relevant to the type of stakeholder and previous assessment.

(20 points) Mechanics
Materials submitted fully comply with mechanics requirements in assignment

You will be assessed on content and mechanics.

Content (80 points):  The content must be based on the case study materials and reading assignments.  The PMBOK 6e and CPM 4e, along with other reputable resources can be used to supplement the responses through summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting those sources. Each matrix should be followed by a discussion of the matrix and how to use/interpret it.  

Mechanics (20 points):  The total assignment length should be at least 3 pages, not to exceed 4 pages.  This is not an academic paper, therefore you do not need to follow APA guidelines.  You should review the assignment rubric in Moodle to ensure that you address all aspects of each component to this assignment.


Approximately 250 words