Pm/571 project management course university of phoenix

Resources: Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization on the student website, and University of Phoenix Material: PM/571 Final Project


Incorporate project management deliverables developed during Weeks Two through Six into a comprehensive project management plan that includes the following elements:


·         Project scope statement

·         Project charter

·         WBS in Microsoft® Project® 2007

·         Communication plan

·         Project schedule in Microsoft® Project® 2007

·         Project budget

·         Risk management plan

·         Change control management plan

·         Steps taken to assemble, develop, and manage the project team

·         Explanation of how you will manage project execution

·         Importance of project sponsorship and project leadership during project execution

·         Method of measuring and reporting project progress and performance

·         The rationale for your choice


Include additional sections describing the project retrospective process and the project closedown process for the project.


Determine how the project retrospective process and project closedownsteps relate to each other and the overall project structure.


Submit comprehensive project management plan as a Microsoft® Word document.


Develop a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of no more than 10 slides illustrating the main points from the Riordan Manufacturing Project Management Plan.

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