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Part 1

 Pretend that it is 2:00 AM, you are fast asleep and you have received a call at home from the IT Guru network operations center regarding a significant slowdown of the corporate network. You turn on your laptop and try to connect to establish a connection to your corporate network, but are unable to establish a stable connection. 

After you apply network troubleshooting tools and the Cisco troubleshooting methodology to your home network (Ping, Tracert, NSLookup, or other tools), you are tasked with writing up a report.  In your report, you are to answer the following:

  • Describe the types of issues these troubleshooting tools will help you address. 
  • Provide your opinion on your favorite tool to use and the Cisco troubleshooting methodology
  • Would you follow this same method for a corporate network as you would for your home network?  Explain why or why not.

Part 2


The manager of the IT Guru network operations center has recently hired 5 new employees to provide 24×7 coverage of the NOC and has asked you to provide an overview on the use of Wireshark as a network troubleshooting tool. Your presentation will be used as a training aid for the new employees. 

For this assignment you will need to provide a presentation that will train a new hire on the use of Wireshark as a network troubleshooting tool. 

Your PowerPoint presentation should contain 1 slide each covering the following:

  • Explanation of what Wireshark is.
  • How Wireshark can be used for traffic capture and analysis.
  • Deep packet analysis of common protocols.
  • Examples of normal and abnormal behavior on the network.
  • Examples of common attack signatures.
  • Conclusion slide with a review of how to understand passive and active attacks. 

Extra details to support your narration in the slide notes section so that the slides can be used as a reference source for the employees after your presentation.  

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