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can someone please assist me with filling out these charts or show me how to do it. I need to calculate “your Forecast”

I need to figure out the revision date, age at revision, and r&D cost

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nditionsReport_C104975 | Capstone WebAppC Chegg Study | Guided Solutm/WebApp/userinterface/index.cfm?template=R D.cfmCAPSTONECoachFile -Undo -Decisions -ProformasReportsHelpRecalculatecolli Research & DevelopmentSimID: C104975 | Round: 1 | Year: 20RevisionAge atllDraft saved at Jan 21, 2NameDate !RevisionDaze5.517500$0Dell1.017.014000$0DixieB.012.023000$0Dot9.415.525000$0Dune4.011.0190008NA0.00.0NA0.0NA0.00$0Total58 10 12 14 16 18 20PerformanceMaterial CostDazeDellDixi3.6d Age in YDune13 .85$TO$12:5515 5175Material Cost in dollars-Dot DuneNew Material CostOld Material Cost

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