Nature Corporation Had These Stock Transactions During The Current Year

nature corporation had these stock transactions during the current year.-Jan 10 Issued 10,000 shares of common stock on par $ 2 for $ 5-Feb 28 1,000 issued shares of $ 2 common stock are issued in exchange for attorney services-Jul 30 Paid a cash dividened declared in June $ 10,000 to stockholders(a) record the three general journal entried to record these transactionsNature Corporation also engaged in the following treasury stock transactins during the current year:-Aug 25 Purchased 4,000 shares of treasury stockt at $ 50 per share-Oct 10 Reissued 1,500 shares of the treasury stock acqiured on August 25 at a price of $ 58 per share-Dec 15 reissued a 1,000 shares of treasruy stock at a price of $ 46 per share(b) record the three general journal entries to record these treasury stock transactions

10-Jan CashCommon StockAdditional Paid in Capital28-Feb Attorney feesCommon Stock30-Jul Dividends payableCash25-Aug Treasury StockCash 5000020000300002000200010,00010,000200000…

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