Name Experiment 2 Chemical Equilibrium Pre Laboratory Questions Chemical E

I don’t understand how to set up the forward and reverse reactions. I need help with # 1&2.

NameExperiment 2 – Chemical EquilibriumPre – Laboratory Questions – Chemical EquilibriumDirections : Read the Goals , Background , Safety , and Procedure sections for thisexperiment , then answer the following questions in the space provided . For shortanswer questions , write complete sentences and provide a reason for the answer . Focalculation questions , show all work and report answers in a box with the appropriatesignificant figures and units . Pencil is acceptable for this assignmenWrite the forward reaction for the following equilibrium equationFest + NCS – FENCS2+2 . Write the reverse reaction for the following equilibrium equationFest + NOSFENCS2+

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