Mountain Ltd Is A Publicly Listed Company And It Does Not Pay Any Dividends Curr (1)

Mountain Ltd. is a publicly listed company and it does not pay any dividends currently. Here is the 2009 to 2016’s information. In year 2009 the price is $28.50; 2010 is $32.75; 2011 is $31.35; 2012 is $36.70; 2013 is $40.03; 2014 is $48.34; 2015 is $39.67; 2016 is $47.56.

Could you show the expected return and Standard deviation of this company?

Treasury bills currently pay a return of 3%; the stock market return over the same period averaged 11%, and Mountain Ltd. beta is estimated at 0.9. Is it buy Mountain Ltd is a good choose? If not, Why? Please use Mountain Ltd information to explain.

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