Most Americans Thought That The Articles Of Confederation Had Been Very Effectiv

Most Americans thought that the Articles of Confederation had been very effective.

Question 14 options:



A promise to consider a Bill of Rights was necessary to gain the support of Anti-Federalists for the Constitution.

Question 15 options:



The most significant outcome of Marbury v. Madison is:

Question 16 options:

William Marbury kept his appointment as judge

Established the concept of “judicial review”

Put limits on power of the Supreme Court

In his letter to John Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson made which of these points about the Louisiana Purchase?

Question 17 options:

The Louisiana Purchase was not explicitly authorized by the Constitution

Few Americans supported the purchase

The Louisiana Purchase was clearly within the president’s powers established in the constitution

A constitutional amendment would be necessary to approve the Louisiana Purchase


How would Thomas Jefferson have described the common, white men of the nation?

Question 18 options:

As the protectors and strength of the republic

As a mass subject to anarchy, not to be trusted

As illiterate and unworthy of the blessings of liberty

As reasonable and rational people, but not smart enough to run the country like the elites were

Thomas Jefferson strongly believed that the United States should restrict the voting rights of white men, to allow only the elites to rule 

Question 19 options:



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