Module 05 Written Assignment Care Plan You Are The Nurse Receiving Report On Yo

Module 05 Written Assignment- Care Plan

You are the nurse receiving report on your patient that was admitted as an emergency earlier in the day. A 64-year-old female underwent a right colectomy. The right side of her colon was removed due to cancer. She has a history of smoking & no other health problems. She is currently being transferred to you in PACU. She has a midline incision with a Penrose drain, a stab wound w/ a Jackson Pratt drain to incision. She also has a NG tube, attached to intermittent suction. She is alert, oriented and can move all 4 extremities. BP is 110/68, Respiratory rate is 14, O2 sats are at 93% w/ additional oxygen given via nasal cannula.

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