Min Invested 18 000 Cash In The Business Paid 7 540 Cash For Monthly Rent Expens (1)

  1. Min invested $18,000 cash in the business.
  2. Paid $7,540 cash for monthly rent expense for May.
  3. Paid $4,600 cash for this year’s insurance premium beginning immediately.
  4. Purchased office supplies for $890 cash.
  5. Purchased $12,900 of office equipment on credit (with accounts payable).
  6. Received $36,000 cash for engineering services provided in May.
  7. Min withdrew $3,370 cash for personal use.

2. Prepare a Cash T-account for the above transaction, and compute the ending Cash balance (code each entry with one of the transaction codes a through g).

I don’t understand how to do #2 prepare a cash t-account for the above transaction and what they are asking for when entering the transaction codes

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