Mild Cognitive Impairment A Cluster Analysis A Significant Impetus Underlying Cu

Do NOT include quotes. Instead, read the research and provide a summary in your own words. A major goal of this course is to get students to read, understand, and summarize published research. Tossing in a quote does not build this, or any, skill. Use of quotes will result in a one-grade letter deduction.Over reliance on quotes will result in failure of this assignment. 

Submit: APA formatted introduction section with title page, running head, page numbers, etc—but no abstract (yet). Please submit .doc or .docx 

Finally, this Example Literature Review may help you out as well. (attached)

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Running head: ANALYSIS OF STUDY TIME AND COSTS ASSOCIATED Analysis of Study Time and Costs AssociatedNameInstitution 1 ANALYSIS OF STUDY TIME AND COSTS ASSOCIATED 2 Analysis of Study Time and…

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