Methane Is Burned Completely With 40 Excess Air The Methane Enters The Combustio

Methane is burned completely with 40% excess air. The methane enters the combustion chamber at 25°C, the combustion air enters at 150°C, and the stack gas [CO2, H2O(v), O2, N2] exits at 450°C. The chamber function as a preheater for an air stream flowing in a pipe through the chamber to a spray dryer. The air enters the chamber at 25°C at a rate of 1.57*10^4 m^3 (STP)/h and is heated to 181°C. All of the heat generated by combustion is used to heat the combustion products and the air going to the spray dryer (i.e., the combustion chamber may be considered adiabatic).

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This questions is from the Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes 4th edition.

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