Match The Behavior With The Major Region Of The Brain That Is Most Likely Involv

Match the behavior with the major region of the brain that is most likely involved: Amygdala, Brain stem and cerebellum, Limbic system, neocortex.  

an individual watches a sad movie, and in response feels sad

an individual remembers how to solve a math problem

an individual bites his nails, even though his mom keeps telling him not to

a child imagines that she is a physician or a lawyer

an individual is confronted by a burglar with a knife, and must prepare to either stay and fight, or run away

an individual reviews all information and decides which colleges to apply at

an individual pretends that she is elsewhere during a boring class

an individual is so accustomed to her morning routine, that she does many actions automatically without thinking about it

an individual has trouble with motor coordination and balance due to injury to this area

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