Mary S Mugs Produces And Sells Various Types Of Ceramic Mugs The Business Began 1


Direct manufacturing labor costs  31,490     

 Indirect manufacturing costs  1,010      

Administration and marketing  2,260   

Fixed costs:      

 Administration and marketing costs 12,300      

Indirect manufacturing costs 4,250 

On December 31, Year 1, direct materials inventory consisted of 5,250 pounds of material. Production in that year was 21,000 mugs. All prices and unit variable costs remained constant during the year. Revenues for year 1 were $67,500. Finished goods inventory was $6,000 on December 31, Year 1. Each finished mug requires 0.4 pounds of material (do not round your intermediate calculations).

Required:(a)Compute the direct materials inventory cost, December 31, Year 1.

(b)Compute the finished goods ending inventory in units on December 31, Year 1.

(c)Compute the selling price per unit. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

(d)Compute the operating profit (loss) for year 1.

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