Marquis Used The Steps Below To Find The Solution To The Inequality Mc010 1 Jpg

Marquis used the steps below to find the solution to the inequality mc010-1.jpg. Step 1 Subtract 3.6 from both sides of the inequality. mc010-2.jpg Step 2 Interpret the results. mc010-3.jpg x is greater than or equal to –9.2. Step 3 Draw a number line. mc010-4.jpg Which describes the first step in which Marquis made an error? In Step 1, Marquis should have added 3.6 to each side of the inequality. In Step 2, Marquis should have interpreted the results as mc010-5.jpg, which means that x is less than or equal to –9.2 . Marquis should have used an open circle at –9.2 in Step 3. Marquis should have shaded the number line to the right of –9.2 in Step 3.

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