Margaret O Hara Has Been Divorced For About Two Years She Is 28 Years Old And He

Margaret O’Hara has been divorced for about two years. She is 28 years old, and her address is 979 Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202. Additional information about Ms. O’Hara is as follows:

Social security number: 412-34-5670 Date of birth: 6/17/1989 Alimony received = $24,000.00 W-2 for Margaret shows these amounts:Wages (box 1)=$38,000.00 Federal W/H (box 2)=$9,500.00  Social security wages (box 3)=$38,000.00  Social security W/H (box 4)=$2,356.00  Medicare wages (box 5)=$38,000.00  Medicare W/H (box 6)=$551.00

Margaret is a research assistant.

 Prepare the tax return for Ms. O’Hara using the appropriate form. She does not want to contribute to the presidential election campaign. Ms. O’Hara had qualifying health care coverage at all times during the tax year.

Use the appropriate Tax Tables.

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