Managing Deviant Careers And Identities 41 Is The Street Child Phenomenon Synony

Managing Deviant Careers and Identities41. Is the Street Child Phenomenon Synonymous with Deviant Behavior?,Johann le Roux, Cheryl Sylvia Smith42. Being Middle Eastern American: Identity Negotiation in the Context of the War on Terror, Amir Marvasti Transforming Deviance: Conceptions, Actors, and Organizations43. Reform the Law: Decriminalization, Samuel Walker44. The Professional Ex-: An Alternative for Exiting the Deviant Career, J. David Brown45. Race and Policing, Jim LeitzelPoints Possible: 20Deliverable Length: 2-3 pagesDue: Friday, April 13, 11:55 pmAnswer two questions:1. Define the social category of street children through three characteristics. Is the phenomenon of street children synonymous with deviant behavior-why or why not?2. Marvasti combines the concepts of stigma management (Goffman) and accounts (Lyman and Scott) in describing the negotiation of “being Middle Eastern American.” List and discuss the five types of accounting and interpretive practices in the research. Which one do you thing is the most important in managing everyday interactions?3. Summarize Jim Leitzel’s analysis of race-based policing in the U.S. How does race-based policing relate to wider conceptions of racial discrimination in society?

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