Lottery Ticket Movie Review Winning The Lottery What Would You Do With 370millio

Lottery ticket movie review.Winning the lottery what would you do with $370million dollar lottery ticket? In this movie Bow wow that plays the role as Kevin a nice young man working to help support his grandmother keeps to himself when he runs into some trouble with a parole name Lorenzo out to scared him.But when Kevin decides to stop at a liquor store to grab his grandmother’s lottery ticket he decides to play himself. later that 4th of July weekend he realize his ticket was the winning number his life changes for the better so it seem until Kevin realize that friends he never had come around including parole Lorenzo in which he decides he want those number and jumps him taking the ticket . Kevin now need to figure out how to get those numbers back into his hands without getting beat up or even killed along the way. Let’s just say in this movie things seem funnier than they really are and sometimes the previews fool you .my opinion i wouldn’t waste my money on thisplease help me list the adverb in bold and adjective umderline please

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