Looking For A Packet Tracer Of The Following On Router B You Have Two Switches S (1)

looking for a packet tracer of the following

On Router B, you have two switches, SW-B1 and SW-B2. Connect them to each other using an appropriate cable and label it.

  • On SW-B1, create a VLAN 2 and place ports 3-6 in it.
  • Create VLAN 3 and place ports 7-11 in it. Repeat these two steps for SW-B2.
  • Add an extra workstation to each switch such that there is one workstation in each VLAN on each switch.
  • Modify the addressing scheme so that VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 are different subnets than VLAN 1 (the one the switch is in). Change the host addresses per the new scheme. Change the IP address of the Fast Ethernet interfaces so that there is one for the VLAN 2 subnet and one for the VLAN 3 subnet.
  • Create a trunk for the connection between the switches. Verify that the hosts in each VLAN can ping the host in their own VLAN across the switches.
  • Verify that the hosts can ping their default gateway.
  • Finally, verify that the VLAN 2 hosts can reach the VLAN 3 hosts.
  • Modify the OSPF protocol implementation to accommodate the new subnets created for VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 if needed. Verify that all host machines can still reach each other.

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