Log In To The Neehr Perfect Vivian Armand S Chart Come Up With A Concise Checkli

Log in to the Neehr Perfect, Vivian Armand’s chart.

Come up with a concise checklist (collection tool) of the chart elements from instructions utilizing word processing or spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Word or Excel). This checklist must include all of the elements (#1-13) and allow you, the analyst, to document the following:

  1. The documentation requirement
  2. Whether or not the requirement is complete, incomplete, deficient or not applicable (N/A).
  • Once you have created your checklist, come up with a chart analysis on Vivian Armand. Be sure to review the entire chart.
  • An item should be considered:Complete if it is located in the correct location of the chart.
  • Incomplete if it is not located in the correct location of the chart. For example, allergies not listed on the Cover
  • Deficient if it is missing from the chart. You are unable to locate it in the chart but it should be included.
  • Not Applicable (N/A) for the admission if the specific element is not needed in this chart.

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