Lemongrass Pty Ltd Is A Small Company Incorporated In Victoria Australia The Com

Lemongrass Pty Ltd is a small company incorporated in Victoria, Australia. The company was incorporated in 2005 to manufacture and sell candles. Its sales revenue regularly exceeds $100000 each year. The company sells its candles to a local retailer for $5.50 per dozen . It also sells its candles to a retailer in Vanuatu for $6.60 per dozen. On 1 Jan the current year, Lemongrass purchased a car for $22000 which it provided to its managing director as she needs to travel for work. The car was purchased from Big Cars Pty Ltd, a large national car retailer with sales revenue in excess of a million dollars per year.

Advise Lemongrass Pty Ltd of its GST consequences arising from the above information.

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