Learning Curve Effect At Bohring Company Unit Labor Hours 1 29 2 18 3 12 4 14 5

the bohring company manufactures a sophisticated radar unit that is used in a fighter aircraft built by seaways. the first 50 units of the radar unit have been completed, and Bohring is preparing to submit a proposal to seaways to manufacture the next 50 units. bohring wants to submit a competitive bid, but at the same time wants to ensure all of the costs of manufacturing the radar unit are fully covered. bohring is attempting to develop a standard for the number of labor hours required to manufacture each radar unit. below is listed the number of labor hours for each of the first 50 units. HINT/Etc: For the prediction for the next 50 units, you must get the TOTAL predicted hours for the next 50 weeks in original units. Then find its standard error for these next 50 weeks which is sqrt(50) times the appropriate standard error you will have to transform from the regression output.State your final regression model.

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