Lbsu 302 Rubric Week 6 Assignment 1 Student S Name Instructor S Name 1 Critical

Assignment 1: Finding Articles Published in Open Access Journals (Guided Search)

Locate one review or research article published in an open access journal that addresses at least one aspect of your research question. You will need to provide a citation and annotation for the article you select along with notes outlining your search process and rationale. Give yourself plenty of time to conduct your searches as you will be encountering new database interfaces. Please view the complete assignment for details.

NOTE: Detailed instructions for this assignment are located in the below files.

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  • Attachment 2

Running head: CRITICAL THINKING REFERENCING Critical Thinking ReferencingStudents Name:Institution:Date: 1 CRITICAL THINKING REFERENCING 2 Critical Thinking ReferencingThe first articlePart 1…

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