Kevin Green Was 16 Years Old When He Purchased A Camaro Automobile From Star Che

Kevin Green was 16 years old when he purchased a Camaro automobile from Star Chevrolet. Kevin paid $4,642.50 for the car. Star Chevrolet conveyed the title to the car to Kevin in Kevin’s name. The question of Kevin’s age was never raised or discussed during the transaction. Kevin later discovered that the front end of the frame was bent, and that the car contained a different engine than the one that should have been in the automobile. Major engine problems developed thereafter. The vehicle was later destroyed in an accident. Kevin now wants to disaffirm the contract and demands that Star Chevrolet return his money.A. On what grounds may Kevin Green be able to disaffirm the contract?B. Explain whether Star Chevrolet must return the purchase money to Kevin Green, even though the car is now destroyed.

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