Kayla Janice And Carol Are Dividing An Estate Consisting Of A House A Small Farm

Kayla, Janice, and Carol are dividing an estate consisting of a house, a small farm, and a painting using the Method of Sealed Bids. Their bids on each of the items are given in the following table:KaylaJaniceCarolHouse147159177Farm435429429Painting546054Fair Sharea) (5 points) Find the 1st settlement.ItemsAmount ReceivedAmount PaidKaylaJaniceCarolb) (2 points) Find the surplus.The surplus is ___________. Thus, each person will receive ___________________.c) (3 points) Find the final settlement. (List the item, CIRLCE either PAY or RECEIVE, then state the dollar amount.)Kayla gets ________________ and pays/receives _____________________. Janice gets _____________ and pays/receives _______________________. Carol gets _______________ and pays/receives ______________________

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