Just Choose One To Write About

Just choose one to write about… only needs to be no more than 2 paragraphsWhile Taylor, Fayol, and Weber all seemed to think of us as discreet individuals, both Follett and Barnard seem to think of us as existing primarily (perhaps only) in the context of our relationships with others. a) To which of these views of human existence or identification do you subscribe? Please explain your answer. ORb) If Mary Follett OR Chester Barnard could see the proliferation of the world-wide web in our personal and professional lives today, what would he/she say? Would they say that this exemplifies and intensifies the reality (of inter-relationship and integration) that they wrote about in their day? Would they say it makes little difference? Or would they concede that their theories are less relevant today than they were 100 years ago? c) Does the Arab Spring/Summer conform to Chester Barnard’s ideas about authority?d) To what extent (if any) do you believe Mary Follett’s principles are at work in your current organization (or were at work in a former organization with which you were affiliated)? How well do you believe these principles worked? How well do you believe they would have worked if implemented?

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